Personal Guided Fitness

The W Fitness is designed to guide individuals to suit their specific fitness needs.

With the use of specialized equipment and customized workout routines catered to your body, The W makes it possible to meet your goals safely and effectively. As research demonstrates, PROPER physical exercise is the number one way to control and prevent diseases such as; high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and arthritis. The W will be the key to keeping you strong, active and happy. Join us in this great opportunity to live life fully and “TURN BACK TIME”.



Are you frustrated not knowing what to do when you walk into a fitness center? The W is geared to provide you with the greatest fitness experience of your life. We took out all of the guess work for you and have provided the simple and most up to date tools and equipment available. Our guided fitness will challenge the most advanced lifestyle but will cater to the least experienced individual.

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