CMF_Header_NewDear Valued Member,

We hope that you are doing well and are in good health! You are receiving this email due to your interest in joining Classics Medical Fitness and we would like to update you on the current status here.

– The remodeling of the facility is going smoothly.  The only thing holding up progress so far has been the wait for permits.  Otherwise we are moving forward. We have provided some pictures below for you.

– Enrollment sessions will start in June at the Classics facility and we will be informing you of exact dates and times in upcoming newsletters and on Facebook. Stay tuned for the exact date and time of Classics opening.  We anticipate opening in mid June.

– To improve the quality of the experience at Classics Medical Fitness, we will be limiting membership to 150 members at a given time.  The enrollment sessions will explain this process in greater detail.

– Our Medical Bridge Program provides opportunities for patients across the Magic Valley who have performed first line physical therapy, to utilize the Classics Medical Fitness facility and our Doctors of Physical Therapy to bridge to independent exercises.   Bridge program candidates will typically be referred by their physician after they have performed first line therapy for cardio, diabetic and pulmonary conditions.  The bridge program is not limited to only those conditions however.  Call us at Wright Physical Therapy (208-736-2574) to see if a bridge program would be appropriate for you.

Please let us know of any questions that you might have by simply responding to this email. Again, we hope that you are doing well and we look forward to answer any questions that you might have.




Classics Medical Fitness and Wright Physical Therapy Team


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Part of your membership includes quarterly reviews under the supervision of a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  This comprehensive exam included in your membership price will test weight, height, body fat composition, strength, musculoskeletal review, blood pressure and resting heart rate to name a few. You will be able to see progress through our exclusive scoring process that takes all of these factors into consideration.

–  Daniel Aldama MOTR/L – Occupational Therapist/ Hand Specialist preparing for equipment in the Classics Medical Facility.




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The remodeling is going excellent. Framing for a future of better health in the Magic Valley.






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This process has been neat to watch and inspired us all to provide higher care for our patients and members of Classics.






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