Will exercising in Classics feel good?

When trained with our fitness specialists, you will have every opportunity to feel good during and after exercise. Classics has proper exercise categories for each fitness level to minimize soreness and prevent pain. You should not expect to hurt but rather feel much better when exercising. Our hydraulic equipment minimizes 95% of all soreness due to depletion of negative contractions. It is simple, functional, safe and easy to use. When ready for further challenges, we have more advanced fitness equipment to continue to challenge you when it is appropriate.

How often do I need to exercise in Classics?

Although you are allowed to exercise everyday in Classics, research supports that attending as little as 1 time a week and up to 3 times a week is appropriate for meeting goals. We have also incorporated express categories if you need to get in and out quicker. Your specific fitness level and medical conditions will also guide this frequency.

What is the cost of joining Classics?

Our promotional pricing is listed on the homepage. The normal fee for Classics is set at $44  $33 a month and a one time enrollment fee of $99 (but is many times lower based on promotions). This one time fee covers initial consultation on medical conditions, goals that you would like to reach, your fitness card, your one on one training and set up on your personal program.

Is there any benefit to paying for my membership a year in advance?

You can pay cash or credit card with a paid in full option.  Otherwise we offer an interest free monthly automatic option that most of our members love. Either way, you can choose what works best for you.

Will you take my payment automatically out of my checking account every month?

As mentioned in the previous question, we set up automatic payments for you through a highly encrypted (very safe) software through ZIONS BANK. If you choose not to do this method, you can pay for your entire yearly membership as mentioned above.

After my first contract expires, can my contract go month-to-month?

Yes you can. Classics will automatically renew your membership at the promotional price you signed up for. If you choose to end your contract at any time after it expires, there is no further obligation on your part.

Will you explain Classics one week guarantee?

If you are not completely satisfied with your guided fitness experience, research based equipment, and the quality of service within the first 7 days of joining Classics, your contract can be nullified if you choose. It is about making a better you and we are committed to that process.

Will you explain Classics Yearly Contracts?

Classics provides yearly contracts from the time you start your membership. This contract is to assure that you and Classics are equally committed to your overall health and wellness. Your contract will be automatically renewed as mentioned in the previous questions for your convenience. Month to month memberships will not be sold.

Will there be a freezing period if I need to get away?

We understand that you may want to escape the cold winter seasons of the Northwest, or go see those beautiful grandkids. Whatever the reason, we will allow members to freeze their membership account for up to 1 month yearly with no monthly fee. After the max of 30 days account freeze, your monthly fees will automatically be initiated. Your yearly membership agreement will then be extended according to the time of account freezing.

If I hurt myself or need surgery for whatever reason, how will my membership proceed?

Wright Physical Therapy is a partner company to Classics. The two facilities support each other to ensure you receive cost effective health assistance. Wright Physical Therapy will offer a complimentary screen to determine what course you should take. If your physical therapist or physician determine you should stop exercising at Classics, your account will be frozen for the period required for you to be well again. Please provide written orders from your health care provider to verify need to change membership status.

Will there be classes at Classics?

Yes, we have Classics yoga, Classics Silver Circuit and Pilates currently offered to our members at no extra fee, and our members love it! We have recently introduced Classics On Demand, which allows our members to take a class whenever they want, even if the trainer is not present.

Will someone help me with learning the fitness equipment at Classics?

Absolutely! We will have fitness specialists that have been trained in all of proper exercises. Not only will you have a fitness specialist but you will have our state of the art guided fitness tools that will give written explanation as well as videos on each exercise and proper form. Proper exercise = Classics.

Can Classics take the place of my physician or physical therapist?

Classics will not take the place of your doctor. When you have an illness, a disease process that is unmanaged or an injury that needs skilled treatment from your practitioner, Classics will encourage you to become a member after your physician or physical therapist releases you. Classics then provides guided fitness solutions targeted specifically toward your individual diagnoses or conditions and goals. It fills a void that has existed.

How will Classics learn and adapt to my needs?

There will always be avenues for feedback so that we can continue to adapt and improve to your needs. We want this to be the most amazing fitness experience of your life. Living over the age of 40 will never be seen the same again and we expect to listen to all of your requests. The proprietary Classics tools will allow you to voice  your fitness requests.